Useful Info on Filing an Car Insurance Claim

Closing a good deal with the purchase of your car insurance means that you have already done the specific research and found the best solution for your car insurance coverage and your car needs. Once you have the insurance you know that through this deal you can always benefit from filing a claim when various mishaps take place.

Car Insurance Claim


How does this filing for car insurance claim work? Just read on and find out by following the steps from below:

  • When the accident has taken place, make sure that no one got hurt to need medical assistance. Afterwards call your car insurance agent as soon as possible to find out whether or not the loss that you have just undertaken is covered by your insurance policy. The agent will need to know more of the accident’s details even if they seem minor ones at the first sight.
  • Inquire further on the steps that you must take and what type of documentation (police report, ‘proof of claim’ and so on) is there needed to file for the claim.
  • Other questions that you should ask your agent relate to the existence of any limits when filing for a claim. Ask also about the way disputes are resolved and how the bills are submitted. Is there necessary for you to estimate your damages, can you benefit from a car rental while yours is in the service workshop?
  • Be as accurate as you can in providing the necessary information for the car insurance claim while keeping copies for yourself of all the documents involved in the process along with contact details of everyone dealing with this issue.

You should know also that with the filing for a claim you can have issues while settling this part with your insurer. In case this thing occurs, you should get in touch directly with the company or the head of the department dealing with claims. You should let them know what is the problem you are facing with while filing for the claim. At this point, the copies of the documents that you have saved will come at handy for the dispute.

In your car insurance policy you will learn about the way to settle the dispute and in case your agent won’t satisfy your needs, then you should contact the head of the claim department. Your case will be then studied by an arbitrator (a neutral party) while with some extreme cases there could be the need of an attorney.

You might as well fear that the premium will increase with the claim you have filed for, but this happens in the case where a certain monetary threshold is reached with the charges paid for the claim. But no matter what, whenever you are involved in an accident make sure that you report it, even if this will result in being set with higher premium. Consider that this accident while unreported might have legal actions as outcome that is turned against you and thus you won’t benefit from your car insurance policy at all.

Car Insurance Policy – Its Components

When it comes to car insurance policy you should know that once you close the deal on this sort of insurance what you actually get is a set of smaller policies gathered in a bigger one. The following article is meant to explain to you what the components are of a car insurance policy and what each one of them can make for you.

For instance you must buy a car insurance policy because you would need in the future to be covered for any legal fees or court costs that might be the result of a lawsuit should you be involved into an accident that brings you to court of justice. Apart from this, you would need coverage for any medical bills in case you are involved in an accident with an under insured driver or one who is not insured at all.

Car Insurance Policy

But along with these ones that are perhaps the most essential ones, there are hundreds of other costs involved whether is or is not about your car that need to be covered through a car insurance policy.

The three key components of car insurance coverage are as follows:

  • Liability – this is the section of you car insurance policy that will have to pay for any medical bills incurred in case you are at fault with an accident and people are injured. If there is also any property (be it public or private) that is damaged through the accident you cause, then the policy will pay for the damage. There is a minimum coverage that each state will require by law for the drivers to buy before they are legally apt for driving.
  • Comprehensive – is the component that relates mostly on the incidents that are beyond your power to control them. For instance if hail is damaging your car, you should have the comprehensive component, or if a deer jumps in front of your car and wrecks your car, then comprehensive policy hits again.
  • Collision – this sort of coverage is maybe the simplest one to be understood. In case your car is involved in a collision by your fault, then collision coverage will be the one to pay for the damages that have been brought to your car.
  • Having all these – liability, comprehensive and collision policies – included inside your car insurance coverage, then it is said that you are fully covered. In case there is a loan made on your vehicle you will be required by the lending company to close the full coverage policy for your car insurance policy.

If your vehicle is already bought and paid for, you can choose whichever of these is more convenient for you – only liability or you can go for comprehensive and liability together or choose all three of them.

Hopefully, the information from above can guide you to the right decision, whenever you are out there in your attempt to close a good deal and still have no clue which one to choose for your own car insurance policy.

Car Insurance 101: Why State Mandated Minimum Coverage May Not Be Enough

Car insurance is an important purchase, so important in fact that state governments around the country have passed laws requiring every driver to buy it. Forcing every driver on the road to carry car insurance expands the risk pool and this can lower the cost of car insurance for every driver. Mandatory car insurance also minimizes the chances that you will be involved in an accident with a driver who has failed to purchase car insurance. Many states tie car insurance to vehicle registrations and purchases, making it harder for drivers to avoid buying the coverage they are required to have by law.

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But while minimum mandated coverage is certainly important, it might not be enough to truly protect you in the event of a crash. It is important for all drivers to look at the minimum amount of liability insurance and property damage coverage required by their states and determine if that coverage is really enough to protect themselves, their families and their vehicles.

For instance, in some states the minimum amount of property damage coverage drivers are required to carry is as low as $5,000. To understand just how inadequate that limitation really is, just take a drive and count the number of vehicles you pass that are worth more than $5,000. If you were to be in an accident with any of those drivers, you would be wholly unprotected if all you bought was the minimum insurance coverage dictated by your state government.

Liability coverage is another important area to consider when looking at the minimum amount of coverage your state requires. Again, many states have set the bar very low in this regard. The states generally do this for valid reasons, namely to make car insurance more affordable to drivers who are forced to buy it, but those low premiums can come at a steep price.

It does not take many doctor visits or days in the hospital to run up bills in excess of those limits, and you could be on the hook for the excess in the event of a crash.

When determining how much insurance you truly need it is a good idea to look at the minimum mandatory coverage required by your state as only the starting point. If you are a young driver with little in the way of assets to protect, you might be able to get away with the minimum mandated coverage for awhile, but as you accumulate more assets it is a good idea to revisit this decision and make any changes that are warranted.

One of the best ways to determine whether or not the minimum mandated amount of property damage coverage is sufficient is to head out car shopping. Take a look at some of the most popular models and what they cost, then compare the cost of an average new car to the amount of property damage coverage your state requires you to carry. If the amount of minimum mandatory coverage is significantly lower than the price of the average new car, adding additional coverage is probably worth your while.

In fact many drivers are quite surprised at how affordable it is to ramp up from the state mandated minimum coverage levels. It is often quite inexpensive to double or even triple the minimum required coverage levels, so drivers should at least price these options before simply accepting the minimum mandatory coverage in your state.

Ways for Keeping Your Car Insurance Bill Low

If you drive a car you need to have sufficient car insurance coverage in place, but it can be tough to get the best deal.  Fortunately there are some proven ways to save money while still getting the coverage you need.

Know Your Options
Before you start shopping for car insurance it is important to determine what type of coverage is required by law. Many states set minimum coverage requirements, and failing to have adequate coverage in place could cost you your license and possibly even your car. Determining the state mandated minimum coverage levels will help you greatly- and it can also give you a good benchmark to use as you shop the various companies doing business in your area.

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But it is important to keep in mind that those minimum coverage levels may not be enough to cover you in the event of a crash. For instance your state may require only $20,000 worth of property damage coverage. If you were to be in an accident with the owner of a brand new Porsche you could be on the hook for the rest. The cost of ramping up from the bare bones minimum coverage to something more realistic  can be surprisingly little, so it is important to ask about the cost of various levels of coverage.

Know the Factors Used to Determine Your Rates
Since you are looking for car insurance you may assume that the only criteria the insurer will use is how well you drive, but that is not necessarily the case. Many car insurance companies use a complicated formula that includes not only your driving record but your credit score and your level of education as well. It may seem counter intuitive, but the companies who use these formulas claim that it provides them with a clearer picture of which drivers pose the greatest risk.

If your own credit history is a bit spotty it is worth your while to seek out companies who focus solely on your driving record to determine your premium payments  Those companies are out there but it can take some time and some detective work to find them. Many car insurers actually advertise the fact that they do not take credit scores into account, so it pays to look for the ads as you are shopping.  In addition you can contact each car insurance company who does business in your area and ask the customer service representative you speak to which factors the company uses to determine rates If the front line customer service representatives do not know which factors affect rates it may be necessary to speak to a supervisor, but it will definitely be worth your while to do so. By focusing on those companies that do not use your credit score you may be able to save hundreds of dollars a year on health insurance.

Buying Car Insurance Online: A Guide for New Shoppers

There is no doubt that the internet has changed the way we shop for all kinds of products. From books and DVDs to financial services and even groceries, the online world has opened up a myriad of new possibilities and new ways to save money. One of the most important ways the internet has changed our lives is in the field of car insurance, and a new lower car insurance rate can be only a mouse click away.

Shopping online for the car insurance you need can be a great way to save money without sacrificing quality coverage or great customer service. In fact some of the most reputable car insurance companies in the world are doing business on the internet, and consumers can benefit from the lower costs and more streamlined operations only the internet can provide.

Car Insurance Online
Even so, there are some important things to keep in mind before you head online in search of the lowest car insurance premiums. Being an informed shopper is vital in today’s world – whether you are shopping for groceries, books or car insurance. By using the tips listed below you can find some great car insurance rates without sacrificing the quality and the coverage you need.

Don’t assume the first price is the lowest price. Even if the first quote you get is substantially lower than what you are currently paying you may be able to save even more by shopping around.

Know what criteria the company uses before applying for car insurance. While some insurers base their rates solely on your driving record, others may use seemingly unrelated criteria like your credit score, your employment status and your home address. Knowing what criteria are in play will help you find the best company and the best price.

Check your driving record and your credit score before you apply for car insurance. A mistake on either document could dramatically effect your premium or even your ability to get the coverage you need. Pull a copy of your driving record and request a copy of your credit report before filling out your application.

How to Negotiate to Obtain Cheap Car Insurance

Once you have purchased a car the next wise step that you should take is to purchase car insurance policy. This is not always an easy task to achieve considering that there are various companies out there looking to have your business, but not all of them will come with the best deal that you might be in search of.

Not to mention that you have paid a lot on that car and you know that with a single moment of carelessness one can bring damages to your vehicle, damages that you want to be already covered for. This is the reason that determines all the drivers to resort to car insurance policy, while all of them must know they are required by law to get at least the minimum coverage for their cars.

A good deal on car insurance policy can be obtained in many ways, but there is not a specific plan according to which you should go. Not at all! There are factors that can lead to obtaining lower rates, some of them depending more on you while others are independent of you, such as your age, gender and residential area.

Those factors that depend on you are more related to the skills you have on driving, how much practice you have put into this activity and the brand of car you have decided on buying. This last factor is very often the one that makes many drivers check first with the rates that are set in accordance to the type of the car before buying their vehicle.

If you do not know the factors that influence the decision of car insurance company on setting the rates, then take a look online within various websites discussing about these factors. There are also forums to help you obtain good deals on car insurance purchase. More than this, when starting your online search for the right insurer, you will see that with some companies you are even offered the chance to have a coverage plan that is tailored perfectly for your particular needs. In this way you will find yourself in the position of negotiating for a better deal.

On the other hand, if you are already insured with an agency and you want to find better deals than the policy rates you pay right now, then do some shopping around, compare prices, and then reach for a company that is willing to sell the policy at more affordable costs. When having this on your hands, you can then turn your attention to your current insurers and tell them that you have found a better deal with another insurer and maybe they will be willing to negotiate. If not, then go for the other company.

Another way to negotiate for a better deal would be to ask for your current insurers if there isn’t any discount they might offer for loyal customers. Ask also for discounts offered to policy holders who buy more than one insurance policy with the same company.

Sport Car Insurance and Useful Info on It

It is already known that the brand and the make of your car have always a word to say when it comes for the car insurance company to calculate your premium rates. So, before you buy a sport car, you should expect for this one to come with an expensive rate on the car insurance policy, as long as you know that these types of cars are considered of high risk vehicles that are driven out there in the traffic. Even if you are racer, you should expect higher cost policies, in this case the rates being set at a skyrocket level, you can bet on it.

Sports Car Insurance
But for an individual purchasing a sport car these rates do not need to be that high when you must purchase sport car insurance coverage. If you read on you can find out what exactly you can do in order to lower the costs on this policy. Apart from the tips provided to you below, you must consider as well hiring an insurance agent who can give you a complete picture on the ways of obtaining lower rates on the insurance coverage.

Some of the ways are described as follows:

  • Make sure that you have a garage to park safely your sport car.
  • Have a security system for this garage; the alarm should be functional at all times.
  • Attend specialized courses for the sport car driving.
  • Make sure that your driving record is kept unstained.
  • Your criminal record should be also clean.
  • Pay a higher deductible on the sport car insurance policy.

If you follow these steps from the beginning, you will see that your insurance agent will be very satisfied when giving you the options of how to increase chances of lowering the costs on the insurance.

One other option for you would be to look online and do some research before coming across the right sport car insurance policy. You might even meet insurance companies which are specialized in this form of insurance, offering sport car insurance coverage at accessible costs, of course if you are eligible for these ones.

Through the help of online research you will be able to browse through these options at your own pace, and thus not need to consult with any of the insurance agents. You won’t have to pay further for their commission, so, why not go for the online options? Keep in mind that this alternative might also make you confront with car insurance dealers willing to offer some discounts, if you qualify for them, that is!

Getting One Day Car Insurance – Things to Know

When you need to drive a car for one day or even two, you should consider buying day car insurance, since this one covers for a short period of time the drivers who use the car only for a specific short term. This is the case mostly with those persons who rent a car while being on a short business trip. This coverage will help you stay protected against any type of damage into which your car could get unexpectedly involved. The same goes valid for an emergency situation that requires you to use the car of your friend.

Car insurance is a must for any driver these days; in fact it has become illegal for you to drive a car and not having insurance policy for it. Although this one is required by law not everyone has opted to buy this policy for the reason that it is rather expensive to do this type of purchase. But this shouldn’t be a reason since there are many ways available to help you find a good deal on this type of coverage. The same is with one day car insurance which is a new concept recently brought in by those companies willing to offer any type of service that a driver might make use of when being behind the wheel.

So, the short term car insurance has made its emergence on the car insurance market for the need of many individuals who see themselves forced to drive a car under limited time. It is useless to pay an annual cost for the insurance as long as you intend to drive for a short period of time. Another aspect that you should ponder over more often is that many people consider car insurance a costly initiative. If you consider consulting an agent in this matter you would see that you will get a good help into making the right decision related to this purchase.

Through car insurance you are guaranteed of getting help in various ways:

  • Instant drive-away insurance when the car has been just purchased.
  • Insuring as well the temporary additional drivers, this includes as well the ones coming from abroad.
  • Lending the car to a friend or relative.
  • Insuring also the situations when you must make use of courtesy cars.

What you need to take into account more seriously is that accidents can happen when least expected, so even if the car is driven only for one day or two, you must see one day/short term car insurance policy as a necessity. It makes no sense that for a few dollars spent on this policy purchase to risk driving the car without insurance even if it is for a day or two. Through insurance experts you can be easily guided in finding the suitable coverage for this type of situation.

Originally, one day car insurance was limited only to the motor vehicles used in trading activities. But now this one has extended also to other drivers who want to get the certainty of coverage while being behind the wheel for a shot period of time.

Applying for Short Term Car Insurance when Traveling – Useful Guide

Many times we feel like there is the need to escape from the daily tasks and chores needed to be attended to by the house, and as such we feel like taking a trip and get the desired freedom for a while. When this happens you should take care of all the stuff required for traveling, one of them being the purchase of a short term car insurance policy. It is advisable to get this type of insurance as you can never know what might happen when being away and there is not a thing to do should you fall victim of an accident or a broken car out there while being on the road.

Cheap Car Insurance-1
Not to mention that not only the car can be insured in this case, but you can get coverage for any potential injury that might occur while traveling. Before leaving for the trip, you would better get in touch with an agent and see what your options are for purchasing short term car insurance. They can always be of a great help to find the suitable coverage.

Some travelers like you might feel that the coverage involves more expenses and will take them too much time to wait for the formalities to be done. But with short term car insurance it is not the case. Apart from this, you will meet with the benefits revealed by this type of coverage.

The biggest one is keeping you protected against any type of injury that can happen while taking this trip. The fact that you have planned for this trip for so long, you should do the same with the short term car insurance: find the suitable coverage plan on time. Do not leave this aspect on the last minute, but rather plan for it in a suitable manner and a suitable period of time.

Short term in this circumstance means a period ranging from one day to six months and the benefits that you can find with this coverage are:

  • It provides coverage for temporary additional drivers or vehicles.
  • It provides coverage in case you rent a car, or in case you lend your car to one of your friends or relatives.
  • The quotes that you receive can be competitive allowing you to choose the price that is convenient for you.

The same policy and benefits apply for those situations when you are forced to borrow the car of your friend or colleague. It doesn’t take too much of your time to apply for this type of car insurance and the costs that come with it are rather affordable. Another thing that you should know about this is that you can renew it at any time you find appropriate for your needs.